002: Vegan Fact-Finding And Research Phase

Digging For Plant Based Gold...


The Research Phase of going vegan or eating a plant based diet is crucial. As an advocate, we want people to get research from the right place. With the internet being the way it is, with trolls under every bridge, and misinformation floating around everywhere, we need to make sure that people are doing the right research, otherwise they could be deterred from living a plant based lifestyle.

This post will be all about the research that can start you out on a plant based diet. People who live a vegan lifestyle are some of the most “woke” or aware individuals on the planet. We know that you guys are going to do your research with or without us! But here are a few suggestions to get you started:


There are numerous plant based doctors that you will see in documentaries about plant based living, on the internet, and doing their own form of advocating in what little spare time that they have. These resources are invaluable and powerful.

One Doctor that immediately springs to mind is Dr. Michael Greger from the non profit NutritionFacts.org  Greger says he does the deep research that normal folks don’t have time to do so he can share truth about healthy living. 

He posts informative videos almost daily and is constantly tackling a new subject matter while clearly reading very deep into studies in order to form a single piece of advice for people like you and I that don’t have time to do all that. 

There is literally an enormous bank of videos about plant based living and nutritional benefits, deficiencies, and advice on his website NutritionFacts.org and it’s an incredibly invaluable asset for people just starting out on a plant based diet! 

Another Doctor who springs to mind is Dr. Garth Davis.  He is the author of the book “Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession With Meat Is Killing Us And What We Can Do About It.”

Now Dr. Davis is a weight loss surgeon who helps people lose some pounds by doing surgery. But in his day, he got interested in what makes people overweight in the first place, and he found that eating massive amounts of meat and protein can harm us way more than it helps us.

He advocates heavily for a vegan lifestyle and has even been seen defending it on the show “The Doctors” where they had a long debate over whether or not it’s healthy to live a plant based lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Garth Davis! 

Dr. Davis is also very read up on the studies that back up plant based living and the effects it has on the body. He shares his wisdom with the world online, and on many different plant based platforms.

Now these 2 doctors are the first that spring to mind, but there are SO many more! For instance, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. William A. Kim, and Dr. Milton Mills all advocate and defend a plant based lifestyle! 

These Doctors are an incredible resource to learn from during a plant based transition.


Some of us are readers, and some are not. 

Personally, I collect non-fiction books and search for them in order to learn and grow as an individual. They are invaluable assets.

Here are a few books that can really help with a transition to plant based living:

  1. “How Not To Die" by Dr. Michael Greger: This is a big thick book about how plant based living can extend your life and help you avoid the three biggest killers in America. 
  2. “Whole Foods Diet” by John Mackey & Friends - As the owner of the huge grocery store chain, Whole Foods, John Mackey had to write a book about plant based living to share with the world. The moral of the book is “Whole foods - mostly plants”
  3. “Whole” by T. Colin Campbell & Howard Jacobson - This book explores the health benefits of living on a whole foods plant based diet. 

There are many more valuable books that are soon to be released and you can find on Amazon or in a book store. These 3 have prominent positions on my book shelf.

Books are the fastest and easiest way to get decades of wisdom and studies distilled down into a $20 format, rich with learning and growth. In my opinion, you can’t beat em.


The books quicker and easier cousin. Documentaries have steamrolled a large path for more people to go vegan. In 2017, the release of “What The Health” caused conversation, controversy, and plenty of people to go vegan! But there are lots of other valuable Documentaries to check out during your research phase of going plant based!

  1. “What The Health”
  2. “Earthlings”
  3. “Cowspiracy”
  4. “Forks Over Knives”
  5. “Vegucated”

The power of studying these things is not only so that you can stay on track, but also so that you have something to say to the naysayers and people who think they know better. You will be more studied, and prepared for a party situation gone wrong. I would like to avoid confrontation just as much as anyone, but some people just think they know everything about food and then you realize that they are very misinformed. 

In those instances, it’s important for you to know what’s best for you so that you do not falter or feel like you did something wrong. Eventually, you’ll be able to teach them something they didn’t know about before. And that’s when their eyes start to open, and you could change their lives.

The point is, it’s important to do your research, and I’m glad you’re here doing it. Hero High 5!


Now, once you are part of the plant based movement, you may want to keep up with the news around the industry and the counter-industry to know where the movement is heading, and how we are affecting change!

Lucky for all of us, there are a few publications that are doing really well at just that! 

  • Plant Based News is always crushing it. They are a UK based media company covering all the news for vegans and plant based living! 
  • LiveKindly is an amazing platform as well. They have awesome short form videos and content creations that show us something new or awesome in the plant based world all the time! This media company is valuable for vegans!
  • VegNews has up to date news sections about all the latest in news, food, and travel. They can be super valuable especially when you don’t want to miss something cool like “Ben & Jerry’s Hosts Ice Cream Parties Across US”

For me, I like the plant based news that tells us about the counter-industry and their response to the larger numbers of people going plant based. It helps us to figure out where we are headed! 

Sometimes it’s fun to see which celebrity has become the latest Talk Show Vegan.



Just like every subject or how to that you can possibly think of, YouTube houses some of the world’s best Vegans. At a quick search you can find hundreds of advocates, helpful recipes and awesome personalities. YouTube has been my biggest help for my transition to Plant Based living.

Now, we can’t list all of them so of course we chose the ones that we personally watch. I’ve had conversations with many of these people and they are all great! They are all Plant Based Hero’s in my book. In no particular order:

  • Simnett Nutrition - fun plant based times with a ripped body living life to the fullest in Canada with calisthenics, nutrition, and outdoor fun!
  • Jon Venus - Awesome plant based enthusiast who has built massive amounts of muscle, eats some delicious plant based foods, and lives life to the fullest!
  • RawVana - Impressive young, friendly, and bubbly personality that makes delicious plant based foods and very helpful videos in Spanish and English
  • SweetSimpleVegan - Awesome recipes, food tips, and kitchen fun of course! This husband and wife team is awesome! 
  • Nimai Delgado - Competing plant based bodybuilder who has never eaten meat! Nimai is really cool and has some awesome adventures with his equally awesome girlfriend:
  • Bianca Taylor - Who is also a plant based athlete bobybuilder and explores the world with Nimai as they grow together.

These people have all been valuable to watch and learn from and they are impacting lives with their content! 

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When we first started going Vegan, all of these resources were available to us.

And still, none of them took us by the hand and showed us exactly what to do. They showed us what they did. And that’s great, valuable, important! 

And that’s where Plant Based Hero was born.

We know that you can be a hero, and you can change the way you live and thrive.

Our support community, podcast, and products, were designed to help transform lives and create high vibes! 

We would love to work with you, and we appreciate you being here.

When you’ve got all the tools, You Can Be A Hero…

Ryan Kearns