005: Learning To Cook Plant Based

Learning To Cook Plant Based


If you want to live a cruelty free lifestyle, eventually you will probably need to learn to cook. 

The fact is, that being healthy and living a lifestyle that doesn’t harm animals is much easier to do when you know how to cook with plants.

If you don’t know how to cook at all, you are forced to try finding vegan restaurants and eating terrible salads at non-vegan friendly establishments everywhere.

You may be able to pull this off in a large city, but many people do not have the options to enjoy a plant based lifestyle without cooking. 

Cooking has been a huge part of our plant based journey, and now we want to share some important things we’ve learned with you.



One big idea that can seriously help your journey is to get comfortable with trying new foods, experimenting with flavors, and being okay with failing sometimes. The more you experiment with cooking and flavors, the more you can learn!


My father is a great example of someone who hates trying new foods. This is a flaw that I cannot stand.


The reality is that this type of closed minded living will never lead you to be the true hero that you could be.


Trying new food is a great way to learn what you actually like. 


It’s important to remember that all food has a way to prepare it that does taste good. Even if you don’t like it, maybe you just haven’t found the way to make it taste good yet, keep trying!


If you never experiment with food, you will be doomed to a life with the same foods for as long as you live. Even if you are okay with that idea, your body may not enjoy feeling under nourished as you skip important vitamins and minerals that you need just because you haven’t found the right way to cook certain foods.


The whole idea behind learning how to cook, is that first you must actually try.


The idea behind trying is that many times, maybe more often than not, it will not work.

Getting comfortable with that can make or break you in your long term journey into a plant based lifestyle.


Meal Prepping 


Many people like to meal prep their plant based meals so they are ready to eat when needed. Pick 1 day to cook all the food, put it in containers, store it in the fridge, and microwave when ready to eat or just eat it cold!


This makes eating a non-issue. It turns eating into a quick and harmless part of the day instead of a long drawn out process with endless possibilities and annoyances.


If you are a busy individual, I would highly recommend meal prepping ahead of time to get it out of the way, and then grabbing and eating your favorite dish when the time is right.


If you are a parent, making your little ones their meals before-hand is a great way to make sure they can eat when they are hungry. We know, it’s not a science. Their little bodies get hungry whenever they want, and having food ready to go is much better than trying to figure out what to cook last second while your kid is whining.


Meal prepping can be a life saver for people who want to lose weight or hit a certain fitness goal because it takes all of the thought out of the process, or at least shifts all of the thought into one single day so you are not constantly overwhelmed with counting calories and tracking RDA’s


Meal prepping fits perfectly in many plant based lives.




Bulk Cooking 


Preparing one large batch of an ingredient that you use often is a great way to stay stocked and ready when the time comes. One example would be cooking an entire pound of beans at the same time, jarring, and storing in the fridge for later use! We do this all the time.

You could also cook quinoa, rice, grains, or legumes.


Our favorite things to bulk cook is beans. It makes it super easy to add them into any and every dish that you make for some added protein and fiber.


Other things to bulk cook would be quinoa or rice so that the base of your meal is pre-made and ready to go and you just have to add the veggies and other yummy toppings to the meal.


Bulk cooking is much more realistic for us in our busy lives as we do not spend a full day cooking every meal for the week, rather we just cook the important things in large batches and use as needed.


You may find that bulk cooking works well for your life as well.  Let us know what you’ve learned and what works best for you! 



Interesting Things To Try  


There are so many different cool and crazy foods that people don’t know much about but are highly nutritious and also delicious! Examples include tofu, quinoa, seitan, seeds like chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, and grains like faro and frekeh. 


Some people think that switching to a plant based lifestyle is a restrictive lifestyle, but it’s not. The truth is that it opens your eyes to so many more healthy foods that you don’t feel like you are missing anything when you do it right.


There are numerous kinds of grains, beans, and vegetables to try at every corner.


We still find brand new foods to try and we have been on a plant based diet for years. 

The high quality nutritious foods that are available for people to try, sometimes go passed up when we are filling out stomachs with dairy and meat. 


Once we strip away these unnecessary and cruel diet staples, we are able to open our eyes to a whole new world of healthy and nutritious foods to try.


Open your mind, and try new things that you haven’t tried before. That’s one of the things that make plant based lifestyles so amazing!


Meal Plans 


Take the stress out of your meals by buying a meal planning service. They show you what to eat, how to make it, and sometimes even what to buy at the grocery store! These meal planners can save you some serious time and money.


If you are to buy a meal plan from a nutritionist it can cost around $70-$100. 


That might sound like a lot, but it saves you hours of time that it would take in order to figure out every single meal that you are going to eat for the week or the month.


On top of that it gives you the ability to build out a grocery list (or sometimes it’s provided, like in our meal plan here) http://plantbasedhero.co/meal-plan


This really allows you to budget out your entire week or month and save even more money!


I barely know how we made it without using a meal plan before. It was really really hard  to find the time to plan everything out, and learn recipes, and figure out what to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner every single day.


That’s why we’ve decided to help others by creating a super affordable and all encompassing Hero’s meal plan. 


Come check out the meal plans we have over at plantbasedhero.co


Ryan Kearns