006: Actually Making The Switch To Vegan

How To Actually Go Vegan


I know we all talk about all of the different parts of going plant based quite often, but most people never really talk about how to actually transition to a plant based lifestyle.


I will be the first to tell you that I know it is not easy to switch your entire life around, if you’re used to eating meat and cheese.


I know it’s not easy to just QUIT. 


But here are a few options when it comes to switching once you decide it’s something that you want to do:


Cold Turkey


The first and most obvious one is to quit eating meat and cheese all at the same time, and move forward without ever touching a piece of cheese or meat again.


Now, this one seems like it might be the most popular option for current vegans.

If you ask any vegan there is a clear line or distinction that caused them to get there. Maybe they saw the animal cruelty that happens every day for the first time ever. Maybe they finally started understanding the impacts that the meat and dairy industry have on the environment. Or maybe, like myself, they had to switch their lifestyle in order to heal their bodies and survive a health scare.


Either way, they usually wake up the next day and quit eating meat and cheese, cold turkey.


This option might be what’s best for you.


The only issue with this option is that it might be hard to know what to eat for the first few days or even weeks. 


You haven’t spent your whole life trying to cook plant based meals or order plant based options when you go out to eat. Now all of the sudden you must figure it out.


It’s kind of like learning how to swim by jumping out of a boat in the middle of the ocean. Could it work? Sure. Is it going to be pretty? probably not.


Like I said, this is still the most popular option that I’ve seen from talking to most vegans, there was a breaking point and a sudden switch. This might be the best option for you!



Slowly Ramping Up


I think most would agree that this option might be easier, more realistic, and more recommended even by vegans themselves. 


Ramping up slowly allows you time to learn how to cook, what to prepare, say your final goodbyes to meat and cheese (because I know you secretly love it) and get your ducks in a row before the switch.


It also allows you time to get your social life in order by either warning your friends and family that this is going to happen, challenging them to come along for the ride, or even finding new friends that have been there, done that. (*cough*us*cough*)


This will also reduce cravings for meat and cheese as you slowly ween off of the addictive protein called Casein and let your body slowly slip away from it’s grip instead of running and screaming in the other direction, ultimately alerting the guards and causing headaches, pains, and an extreme want for anything cheesy.


In hindsight, slowly ramping up to being a full fledged vegan seems like a better and more realistic approach.


Instead of jumping out of the boat to learn how to swim, it’s like wading into the water slowly from the stairs into the shallow end first and making your way into the deep end slowly but surely, and confidently.


This option could work for you!


Trying Vegan


This is one we actually do not recommend. This is where people quit, fail, or fall off. This is not the place to be if you want real lasting results.


Like most things in life, it takes a lifestyle switch to get real results. Anything less than that will cause you to start with an end in mind. 


When you start with an end in mind, it’s almost certain that it will end….because it’s in your mind.


One way this can be framed is saying “I’m just going to try vegan and see what happens.” It sounds innocent and fair enough…but it never ends well.


First of all, you are not trying vegan, if anything you are trying a plant based diet.


A vegan is someone who does it because of the reasons that don’t have anything to do with themselves. A vegan does it for the animals, the environment, and the world. 


You don’t get to claim that you’re a vegan if you are just trying it, because your why is not the world at large. If you just want to dabble, your why is most likely a healthy body, weight loss, or longevity reasons. 


You don’t get to also claim that you are in it for the animals and the world, because if you were, you would not have an end in mind. 


I’ve never seen anybody “try vegan” and then maintain the lifestyle.


We have family members who went into it with this attitude, and they almost immediately quit, as soon as they found it hard. 


If you are telling yourself that you are going to “try vegan” or do one of those 21 day challenges or something, just quit now before you even start.


Come back to this thing when you are ready to make a real lifestyle change and commitment.

There is no point in doing it if that is not your goal.


Challenging Yourself


This one is a cool mindset shift that can change the way you look at it, which can change the amount of success you have with the lifestyle.


If you want to “try vegan” instead of just going into it with an end in mind, try instead to challenge yourself to 1 plant based meal per week.


After that, slowly ramp it up to 2 plant based meals per week.


Alternatively, you could try 1 plant based meal a day, and ramp up to 2 plant based meals a day.


The idea here is to say “I want to challenge myself to do this one thing for the long term. If I can eat 1 plant based meal per week, then I will be healthier and happier.” 


When that becomes easy, make it 2 or 3. 

When all of that becomes easy, just make the switch already.


As compared to trying vegan, this will have a much more lasting and better effect on your mental ability to stay on board and continue pursuing a better lifestyle!


Group Challenges


Finally, try adding a friend or 2 to the challenge equation.


This can increase your level of commitment. (good ole fashion competition am I right?)


It can also give you something to talk about with your friends, or someone to talk to about your healthy lifestyle.


It can also encourage you to go deeper and do more as you see yourself having a positive effect on other people’s lives!


I know for a fact once we started helping people eat plant based and live a healthier lifestyle, it become much more clear that I was doing the right things.


I become much more vegan (if that is a thing.) and I wanted to share the message to even more people!


Group challenges will ensure that you don’t feel alone and unable to continue in your journey. It will make you feel more connected and open to other people! 


It can be exciting and fun this way, especially compared to half-assing it or “trying vegan”.


So get your self together, and make the switch!


If you need any help with making the switch, reach out and we will help you through this

Ryan Kearns