007: Gaining Support Of Friends & Family For Vegan Lifestyle

How To Get The Support Of Friends And Family For Your Vegan Lifestyle


When you choose to go vegan, some people are not as informed or smart as you.

These people can include close friends, family, and even our own spouses and kids.


Eventually, you’ll want to at the very least gain their support for your healthier, more compassionate lifestyle.


Here are some things to realize and think about when trying to gain their support.


No Pressure


Have you ever had the pleasure of dealing with a high pressure salesman? One that made you feel uncomfortable and wouldn’t let you make your own decisions? Did you like it? If you answer yes to that question, you are 1 in a million. 


No one likes to be sold or pressured into our way of life. No one wants to be hounded and tricked into changing.


Trying to force or pressure people into changing their lifestyle almost NEVER works. 


I really want to make sure that you don’t try this, because you could lose friends and family over it if you are too pushy and persistent while continuing to question their choices and make them feel bad about themselves.


Any REAL salesman will tell you, this is the opposite of what you want, because it’s all about the relationship FIRST.


While I do think advocacy and pushing the movement forward is necessary, when it comes to gaining support of loved ones we don’t want to be too pushy and apply too much pressure. This will turn them off and they will run away.



Lead From The Front


On the contrary, it works best to lead from the front.  Show your friends and family that you care about this lifestyle and that you will continue with or without them.

While you do not want to pressure people, you also don’t want to come off as desperate by asking them over and over to join you.


Instead it works best to be cool, calm, and collected, confident in the choice you’ve made, persistently following the path that you laid before yourself and loving it.


As you increase your own devotion to the lifestyle, people will become increasingly interested in what you are doing, how you are doing it, and how they can do it too.


They will start to ask more and more questions, and over time they might decide that this could work for them too.


Imagine how good it would feel to have people coming to you for help, and being able to provide it! That is the power of leading from the front.


Mama Bear Compromise


Switching other people’s lifestyles to match yours can be uncomfortable for everybody.  We suggest that you don’t go about doing this overnight most of the time.


Switch your own lifestyle however you want, but when it comes to helping others, you can’t just pull the rug from under them in 1 second and tell them everything they know is wrong.


That’s why the idea of what we call “The Mama Bear Compromise” exists.


This helps to slowly transition your family into the way that you eat. It won’t work by forceful pressure, and the once thought powerful negotiation tactics aren’t going to work this time.


It all starts with a compromise on our part.


What if they only ate one vegan meal per week? Let’s say breakfast on Mondays.


Over time increase it to 1 vegan day per week, ie, Meatless Monday.


Eventually you might be surprised that they will be willing to try going fully vegan.


Some people have a hard time picturing their life with no meat or dairy, but once you show them that it’s possible, easy, and delicious to eat plant based they start to open up to the lifestyle more.


One day, they might even end up in the cube of Truth, right next to you. haha



Cooking Separate Meals


Look this option is really not the best one and whatever you can do to avoid it, you should try.  We know how annoying it is to try to cook separate meals for everyone in the family. 


Some families need to do this in order to maintain their lifestyle. I would rather see 1 person per family eating plant based with the opportunity to have the whole family switch, than no people in a family eating plant based because it’s too hard to cook separate meals.


Obviously that’s your choice.


In some cases it’s just not possible to switch everyone in the family all at once, especially with teenagers. (We know how they can get.)


If that’s the case, maybe cooking separate meals is a must, but please deploy the other techniques in this post before you end up burning out and quitting on the healthiest lifestyle that exists.



Talk About The Pros


This goes right along with leading from the front.


The more you talk about the parts of your new found lifestyle that you love, the more you will have people’s interest and attention.

Talk about how good your body feels and looks, and how you feel better looking in the mirror and knowing that you are a compassionate soul that does not need to exploit and kill animals.


Sharing your plant based journey is part of the process.


At Plant Based Hero, we call this Sharing Your Hero. We highly recommend that you share your hero with as many people as possible so you can help change the world!


Make sure you do it with taste, and don’t be the annoying vegan that won’t shut up about it, but at the same time talking about how much better your life is should always get a positive reaction from REAL friends and loved ones.



Strength In Community


We love sharing and hearing other people’s stories of plant based success!


Connect with our community and with us in order to have a place to learn, vent, and gather.


Your current friends might just not understand but other Plant Based Hero’s do.


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Ryan Kearns