008: Why And How Take Part In Vegan Community

Why And How To Take Part In The Vegan Community

Sometimes the Vegan Community gets a bad rap. They are thought of as extreme, a little bit crazy, and sometimes even mean.


This is not the reality that I’ve seen in real life from vegan gatherings and events.


There are some very important reasons that we should all be part of the vegan community, and in today’s digital age it is easier than ever to do so!


First, let’s talk about why you would want to be part of the community.


Strengthen The Movement

If Martin Luther King Jr. was standing alone and speaking in the street do you think people would listen? No, he needed his community to be there rallying around the cause and pushing the movement forward as well.


When people have similar viewpoints of the world, and they see that there is a better way to live and a better solution it only helps to band together.


Without the strength of a community, it is hard to get any movement to…well move.


If we want more animals to live longer and happier lives…

If we want the Earth and environment to thrive…

If we want the population to be healthier…


We need to stick together and move with a purpose. We need the strength of a community.


Build Relationships

People don’t like talking about this, but it’s important.


Some relationships will take some heat when you go vegan.  Either some friends won’t agree with it, or they will make fun of you a little bit which will hurt your feelings.


The honest truth is usually when people go vegan, they lose a few friends. I know, it’s not ALWAYS the case (as nothing is) but more often than not, you will find it harder to hang with certain people over time.


Even if you don’t lose any relationships, it’s important to find and build relationships that do have the similarity of a vegan lifestyle. 


This allows you to commit to your lifestyle more, go out to eat, and have fun without sacrificing any values.  


I highly suggest making some friends that eat a plant based diet if you eat a plant based diet.

It’s important and it can help you commit to your lifestyle even more!


Healthy Social Life

On the flip side of the social butterfly there is isolation and loneliness. 


This isn’t nearly talked about as much as it should be, but social interaction is necessary for our health. 


We love to spread truth about health and help people become healthier by sharing our plant based lifestyle, but we would be ignorant to ignore the health benefits of positive relationships.


If you are feeling isolated or lonely, make your way to a vegan event like Veg Fest, check meet ups, and shoot us a message via Instagram or Email. 


We love to build connections and relationships with other Heroes, and we would be honored to be your friend.


Self Improvement

As I say so clearly in the podcast episode, personally, this is one area of my life that I feel I can always improve.  


As humans we need growth and improvement to feel alive.


One area to constantly improve at is our relationships, friendships, network, and connection to other people. 


Our personal growth is important and one way to grow exponentially is by connecting to more people and learning more. 


When you start to grow as an individual, this is how you get your super powers and become a true Hero that can help others change their lives.



Another reason to be part of the vegan community is to feel the sense of belonging that comes with it.


Being part of something bigger than ourselves allows us to become MORE of ourselves.


If you think about any big movement over time, the identity that allows people to grow, feel a sense of belonging, and be part of something bigger gives people more confidence and power to be themselves even more.


Some people say things like “CrossFit is like a cult.”


It’s funny on the outside, but if you think about it, the people that are inside of that “cult” are much more confident and authentic to who they really are. They have a powerful drive to do the thing they love more often.


You can belong to something bigger by connecting to Plant Based Hero, or just by being part of the vegan community however you can.




Even after 2 years of being vegan, we are still learning new recipes, ideas, and helpful hints and tricks for plant based living almost daily.


Much of what we know today about making plant based food has been taught to us by other people.


For example: Jon Venus showed me how to mash banana to make oatmeal taste sweet without adding sugar. I still do that almost every day for a year!


Connecting to other people, being part of the community and growing through learning more is an incredibly powerful experience that we should all take part in every day.




Now that we talked about all the reasons why someone would want to be part of the vegan community, we want to talk about how you can actually do it.


Connect Online

There are forums, facebook groups, and communities for plant based living online everywhere. All you have to do is look for them a little bit and you will find them. Plant Based Hero plans to be the biggest one there is, so check out our new lifestyle program to get involved: https://plantbasedhero.co/hero



One common event that takes place in different cities all over the place all the time is known as Veg Fest.  Find yourself a veg fest and make it to one. You’ll see tons of bright, happy faces and high vibe people enjoying delicious food. It’s very easy to connect and make friends at these events.



Some cities and towns might have meet ups for local vegans to hang out. Just go check meetup.com and see if there’s one near you!


Juice Bars

I’ve met amazing people, learned so much, and heard amazing stories just by going to a local vegan juice bar. People from all walks of life go there to get their healthy vegan food and connect with like minded people. Maybe there is something similar in your city or town!


Join The Movement


Be a Plant Based Hero today.


Check out our brand new community program, coming soon!



Ryan Kearns