011: What's The Deal With Soy?

What’s The Deal With Soy?

People often wonder if soy is good or bad for our health. Rightfully so, because soy is known as one of the most genetically modified crops. That’s one reason.


Another reason people worry is because of the soy plant’s “phytoestrogens”.  They think that it could be detrimental to their health or manliness if they are eating estrogen from somewhere else.


So is soy good or bad for us? Should we eat it or not?


Well let’s talk about it…




Soy is a bean


Beans are one of the healthiest types of food in the world. The people of Okinawa, Japan (one of the longest living societies on Earth) thrive on soy beans. 


Soy products have health benefits like preventing Prostate cancer in men, preventing hot flashes in post-menopausal women, along with breast cancer and heart disease prevention just like we’ve seen with other beans, fruits, and vegetables.


Soy beans in particular have many health benefits and should not be overlooked simply because they have estrogen-like nutrients, or genetic modification.


We believe in helping people stay alive longer and thrive while doing it, and soy beans are a perfect addition to a diet that helps you thrive and survive.


What about estrogen?


There are phytoestrogens in soy that are often misunderstood to have estrogenic effects. The opposite is true, as they actually block estrogen in post-menopausal women, and can actually increase the amount of time before girls hit puberty. 


Soy will not make you feminine, but the hormones in many animal products might…


The irony here is that people worry about eating soy products because of estrogen. Meanwhile they are drinking milk and eating cheese, which is laden with actual animal estrogen.


If you are worried about estrogen, then do not drink another animal’s estrogen. This is a far cry from eating plant-like estrogen.


Interestingly our body has two receptors for estrogen. The Alpha receptor is used where animal estrogen is stored and processed. 


The Beta receptor is where the phytoestrogens are stored and processed, and they tend to block the effects of the animal estrogens in the body.


What about GMO’s? 


Many people are concerned with soy being a high GM crop, which would make it more toxic from roundup spray, etc. It is true that GM soy products have high levels of glyphosate and roundup, but if you buy Organic, you will be able to avoid them. We should focus on eating more plant foods first, and avoiding GMO’s later.


The interesting thing to talk about here is that a plant based diet has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. That is why we should focus on eating more plants whenever we have the chance.


GMO’s can be avoided by buying organic. If a food product is labeled organic, it means that they are not allowed to use genetically modified organisms in the making of that food product in the US.


Healthiest type?


 If you’re wondering which is healthiest, Edamame (whole soy bean) is healthier than tofu. However, tempeh is healthier than edamame because it is the whole food in fermented form which contains anti-mutagenic effects. Tempeh, edamame, and tofu in that order is the healthiest type of soy product.


There are also soy milks, cheeses, and other products as well.


Personally, our favorite soy product is probably tofu, because it is simple to make it taste great and it goes well with almost any meal! 


However, since discovering the healthy effects of tempeh, we have been experimenting with that as well.



Soy is a healthy and nutritious part of a plant based diet that has serious health benefits. Tofu and tempeh are delicious additions to most meals. We eat tofu or tempeh almost every day, and have not seen any adverse effects.


Soy is not estrogenic, it has phytoestrogens that have the opposite effect of estrogen in the body, and tend to block the animal estrogen instead.


GMO’s in soy can be avoided by buying organic food products.


Let us know if you need help with anything at all!


Ryan Kearns