012: Why Not Eggs?

Why Not Eggs?

Many people get to a point where they understand going vegan for the animals. Obviously we shouldn’t be slaughtering innocent beings for our own enjoyment. 


They might even understand cutting out dairy. Why exploit and use an animal for milk that is not even from our own species? 


But, many more people still don’t understand why we shouldn’t be eating eggs. What’s wrong with an omelette in the morning or an egg sandwich for breakfast? Let’s talk about it…


It’s Yucky. 


Eggs are not baby chickens. They are literally the chicken’s periods. 


Animal Estrogens in our food supply cause humans to have way too high Estrogen levels which lead to a host of issues.


Right away, we can see a problem here. Why are we waiting for another animals menstrual cycle in order to eat? Seems a bit strange at the least doesn’t it?


I think it’s gross…



Chickens Treated Poorly 


Chickens are jammed into small cages with multiple birds and forced to create eggs every day.


Now that you know that eggs are a chicken’s period, you too will see how cruel it is to force them to have eggs every day by injecting them with hormones.


Imagine if we made female humans go through their period every single day.


There would be an outrage, and it might even lead to war and murder. 


Furthermore, if you’ve ever seen a video of a henhouse, you know it’s not a pretty place to be. They are literally jammed into cages and seen almost on top of one another as they are exploited for everything they have. 


The reality is that no animal deserves to be treated like that. It’s disgusting…



Eggs Accelerate Cancer 


There are dozens of studies linking eggs to cancer, especially colon cancer and breast cancer.


They accelerate the growth of cancer by using choline and carnitine found in eggs to make TMAO (Trimethylamine) which form Nitrosamines that have carcinogenic effects.


This has been known for decades, but was hidden from the public eye by The American Egg Board. 


They want to keep us in the dark about how disgusting, and bad for us eggs really are. 


Eggs Destroy Our Arteries  


The cholesterol in eggs builds up plaque in our arteries which restricts blood flow and can eventually kill us. 


The American Egg Board proves this in their own studies showing that NOT eating eggs is better for our cholesterol levels, but concludes that “Eating eggs has no negative effects on endothelial function.”


They completely ignore the fact that it raises cholesterol and wreaks havoc on our arteries.


We used to eat egg sandwiches every day for breakfast but not after learning these facts.



Eggs Increase Diabetes Risk


There are multiple studies showing that as little as 2 eggs per week or more increases risk of type II diabetes from the high amounts of cholesterol found in the egg.


That does it, the 3 big ones that kill most of our loved ones!


Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes risk all go up from eating eggs. 


You would be much better off without them…


But wait, there’s one more thing:


Eggs Are Not Nutritious  


As if you didn’t already know that since it increases risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes…


Ask the USDA who will not allow The American Egg Board to use any advertising claiming that they are. 


The USDA points out that because of the high amount of cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories, Eggs cannot be considered healthy, nutritious, or safe in their advertising, because it would be a lie.


That’s American taxpayer dollars at work, my friends…


But there’s still more…


We couldn’t fit all of the arguments against eggs. There are 241 results for why not to eat eggs on NutritionFacts.org



Ryan Kearns