013: Why Not Dairy? 6 Reasons To Think About

Why Not Dairy? 6 Reasons...


Last week, we talked about eggs, and why we should not eat them.


Usually if you’re at a point where you wonder why not eggs, you already know why not meat and dairy.


However, it still serves as a good reminder for those of us who know, and a good introduction to eating plant based for everyone else.


So why should we step away from the cheese wheel? Let’s talk about it…


Increases Cancer Risk 


Most dairy cows in the US are infected with what’s called Bovine Leukemia Virus that causes Breast cancer in humans.


 Furthermore, increased dairy intake has been linked to prostate cancer, testicular cancer all due to Insulin -Like Growth Factor- 1 (IGF-1) that has tumor promoting effects.


IGF-I is a huge risk factor for the health of human beings, and it’s been known for years.  


However, like most public health risks, it was masked by larger corporations and hidden from the eye of the public forever so that we would continue to be products that come from dairy cows.


If there is no other reason that rings a bell for you, let it be that the industries behind these products are greedy, powerful, and they do not care about your family’s health. They want one thing, your money. 


If we stop buying their products, they cannot continue to cause disempowerment among the public.


Dairy can Trigger Type I Diabetes 


Mother’s who drink lots of dairy have significantly higher risk of causing type 1 diabetes in their children from the Paratuberculosis that infects 95% of dairy cows in large herds.


They have found that the larger the herd size, the higher the chance of them being infected with the virus.


In America, most of our dairy comes from herd sizes over 100 cows, which increases the chance that they are infected with this deadly virus that is easily spread to humans without us even knowing.


Babies are born every day that have the debilitating and life altering disease of Type I Diabetes. 


Don’t let this happen to you, and stop eating dairy products.


It Messes With Hormones 


Dairy is loaded with estrogen. When males ingest it there is decreased fertility rates and a lower sperm count.  


When females ingest it, they can increase negative effects of menopause and hit puberty at a younger age.


The irony of this is that people are very concerned about eating soy products, because of the plant-like phytoestrogens within it. They believe this will increase estrogen.


Meanwhile that big glass of milk that Santa drinks with his cookies is laden with real ANIMAL estrogen that is easily integrated into his estrogen receptors and spread throughout his body.


Sorry Santa, but next time opt for almond milk.



Doesn’t Make Sense


Humans make milk. We are the only animals in the world that drink another animals milk, because it doesn’t make any sense to do so. 


Their milk is used to grow cows, not humans. The protein levels are 9 times higher, and it is excessive for humans to drink.


I like to look for reasons like this when I’m doing my research. Intuitively on a common sense level, it just doesn’t really make any sense at all to eat dairy products.


We are exploiting another animal to steal something that our own species makes.

We are stopping that other animal from using it the same way that humans do - to feed their babies, and instead as grown humans we are deciding that it is for us. If it exists, it must be for us, right? WRONG.


Disgusting Industry 


Female cows are artificially inseminated so that they start producing milk. When she gives birth to baby cows, they are stolen from her. 


She is then subjected to being milked all day until finally she can’t get pregnant and she is slaughtered for meat by a bolt gun to the head and a slit of her throat.


The entire practice is cruel, unusual, and disgusting.


Even though it has been going on for centuries, the scale it has gotten to is ridiculous and downright disgusting. 


Furthermore, as an advanced species that does not need the extra calories from meat and dairy, we should not continue playing into this long held tradition no matter what.

What do you think?

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Ryan Kearns