014: Why Not Meat?

Why Not Meat?


We talked about why not eggs, why not dairy, and finally here we are…

We have to talk about it even if you already know.

We have to teach those who don’t know and maybe give a reminder to those who already do.

So let’s talk about why we should not eat meat…



It Can Cause Cancer


 Meat is polluted with highly carcinogenic pollutants which means they cause cancer. Organic meat shows no less pollutants than conventional meat.


It’s true, beyond bacteria like Sal manella there are many pollutants that make their way into meat that can end up causing cancer.


One example is phthylates which come from receipts and plastic containers.  Often used to feed cattle, this toxic compound ends up in the meat we eat all the time.



It Can Cause Diabetes 

Saturated fat can clog up the insulin receptors and cause insulin resistance. Dietary AGE’s cause massive amounts of inflammation in the body. Even people who handle meat for a living have higher rates of Diabetes.IGF-1, cholesterol, and the protein Lucien are all potential causes.


Note: there is saturated fat and cholesterol in chicken as well as red meat like beef or pork.
If you eat animals, you will have elevated levels of saturated fat and cholesterol.


If you have elevated levels of saturated fat in your blood, this can lessen the effects of insulin in the blood stream. The lower the effects of insulin, the more the body must make.


This eventually leads to insulin resistance, and Type II Diabetes.


Heart Disease

The Mediterranean diet was the lowest in heart disease, when they were eating 90% plant based. As they westernized their culture, heart disease skyrocketed. There is a direct correlation between amount of meat we have been eating, and amount of heart disease that has been killing us. Animal meat increases cholesterol, saturated fat intake, and death rates


Animal meat is not great for the heart.

That’s why when I had a serious heart infection, I went vegan.

I healed my heart in 2 months on a raw plant based diet, and I’ve never had an issue since.


It is Morally Wrong 

Why does 1 animal deserve to die and another deserve to live? All conscious sentient beings deserve to live. They have feelings. They want to live. And we take that away from them for no reason.


The reason that we use is that it tastes good. I would like to point out that there are many vegan options today that taste amazing, and don’t require harming another innocent being.


Eating plant based is the best way to avoid all these issues, but either way, do not eat meat.



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Ryan Kearns