016: The Spiritual Side Of Plant Based Living

The Spiritual Side Of Plant Based Living

A monk came up to me on the street in Denver Colorado.

He handed me and each person in my family a colorful mala bead bracelet.

This was just one of the many spiritual things that have been going on in my life recently. All of this especially started coming to fruition after we decided to eat only plant based.

There are many parts of being vegan that translate directly into the spiritual side of living. Today, we’re going to explore all of these parts, and dissect them for what they truly mean about being keeping the food on our plate in line with the spirit in our body.

Consuming Bad Vibrations

When we put dead animal flesh on our plate, we are consuming those vibrations. 

Remember, Einstein and all great thinkers will tell you energy cannot be created or destroyed, just transferred. What type of energy is held in that meat? 

Terrified beings are tortured and slaughtered in order to end up on a plate, so the energy is terrible, and then we eat it and it is transferred to us.

Why would you want to consume this type of energy and foster it in our body that desires positive vibration and energy and the expression of light?

vs. Consuming Good Vibrations

Plants are loved and nurtured into this world by people for months until they are ready to be harvested. 

They are still mostly alive when we consume them, and we get that feeling of being alive, healthy, and vibrant.

This is much more in line with what we want out of life, and what our spirit and the connection of all things wants us to consume.

Our inner light and love just wants to be expressed through our body. We must feed the body high energy, vibrant foods filled with love so that the light can be fully expressed for and through us.


Taking More Than What You Need

In buddhist religions it is common to explain that we must not take more than we need from the land in order to survive.

We must take less than what we need for a sort of good karma with the Earth and everything on it. Plain and simple, in today’s world, we do not need animal meat or dairy to survive. And as you know, it harms the body more than it helps. 

Not only are we taking innocent lives by choosing to eat animals, think about the amount of resources the animals need in order to be farmed into existance only in order to be killed.

They take water, land, food, etc. that does not need to be taken in order to feed the animals that are then slaughtered to feed us.

Our habits cause us to take way too much from Mother Earth, and in a spiritual sense, it is morally incorrect. 

vs. Taking Enough

It is better to live off of just enough. We can do that by eating just plants. 

There is such an abundance of food in the grocery stores that we don’t need to buy dead animal flesh, or dairy in order to survive. The meat and dairy sections are only two small sections of the store. The produce aisle is probably the biggest section and that’s where we should be hanging out for better health anyway.

We won’t be wasting land, water, food and other resources to raise the animals that will be slaughtered if we just eat plants. 

Many animals might die off, which could be better because the resources can stay with Mother Earth or even be used to feed other less fortunate countries of human beings who are suffering.

It is truly a win-win-win solution to multiple problems we face today as a society.

Harming Innocent Beings

Thou shall not kill. Maybe during the times of Jesus, it was harder to eat just plants, but if he were alive today and saw the abundance of food all around us, I doubt he would condone the exploitation and slaughter of another innocent being.

You won’t have to look far to find other spiritual leaders who would not consider killing another being for taste alone, a righteous act to partake in.

All oppression starts with the notion that one being is better or more deserving than another. This makes us feel superior and able to harm other beings.

Just because we can doesn’t make it right, and in fact it is terribly wrong and inhumane to treat a living creature the way they are treated.

vs. Living In Harmony

Good karma surrounds us when we choose to eat only plants.

We feel a deeper connection with animals and the earth when we say no to paying for the slaughter of an innocent being. 

We feel connected to the big picture of the earth as a whole by eating plants and only plants. We are truly living in harmony.

This harmony then permeates the rest of our being.

We start to have the profound ability to express love and light into other areas of our life and manifest beautiful things into existence through creativity and by building ourselves to limits unseen.

Remember, our light just wants to expand and be expressed. 

Do not put your flames out by consuming dead vibration and tortured animals.

You’ll feel better on all levels and start to manifest a better reality in your life so you can get what you want out of the precious moments spent here on Earth.



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Ryan Kearns