017: Do Beans And Legumes Help Us Live Longer?

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Are Beans Important For Our Health?

Watch Your Protein

Protein is vital for our health. It is the building blocks of life, and helps with so many different functions in the body. Not all protein is created equal. Those who have diets high in animal protein are at increased risk of coronary disease, cancer, and premature death.

Plants Are King

Some of the largest studies on diet in history found that the incidence of all cancers combined was significantly lower among those eating more plant based diets. The Blue Zones of the world, where people lived the longest all ate 90% plants, and ALL of them eat beans.

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Spilling The Beans

Beans are often counted as both a protein and vegetable. So they are packed with protein, iron, and zinc, or things that you would normally expect from meat.However, they are also packed with things you typically only find in vegetables like fiber, folate, and potassium. 

Skip The Bad, Get The Good

Beans are also naturally low in saturated fat, sodium, and contain no cholesterol. 

In other words, beans give us ALL of the good, with NONE of the bad.

Studies On Beans

One recent study showed that eating just 1 cup of beans, chickpeas, or lentils each day for 3 months could slow a persons resting heart rate as much as spending 250 hours on the treadmill. This is a major factor of reducing the risk of premature death.

Dr. Greger On Beans:

“The intake of legumes is probably the most important dietary predictor of survival in older persons around the world. There is an 8% decrease of premature death risk for each daily ounce of legumes intake.”

Weight Loss Effects

They can easily rival meat with their fullness factor and the satisfaction we feel from eating beans. Since they are higher in fiber, our body takes longer to digest them than it does with meat, so it leaves us full and satisfied for longer.

Gut Bacteria Say Yes!

Beans are highly prebiotic, which means our gut bacteria loves to eat the fiber in them. When our gut bacteria are healthy and thriving, we can see better health across the board, and our body can digest other meals (even the ones without beans) even better. 

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