018: The Hidden Powers Of Like Minded Friends!

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The Hidden Powers Of Like Minded Friends

Compounding Energy

Everything is energy. When we meet likeminded people who we really connect with, it compounds our energy and raises us to a new level of awareness, happiness, and love. It allows us to be better versions of ourselves who have the opportunity to give more to the world and all the beautiful people in it.

All of this new energy can be put towards raising our vibration, getting closer to a new goal, or experiencing the life we truly want to live! 

When we have friends who we can talk to as our true and authentic self, it fees our soul, makes us happy, and grows us as individuals! 

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Someone To Talk To

Without likeminded friends, sometimes we feel alone. That feeling of loneliness and others not understanding us can give us black sheep syndrome where we feel like we just don’t fit in.

If we don’t fit in, there is something key missing in our life and our psychology. It puts us into a rut that sometimes we can’t get out of.

On the other hand if we have someone to talk to who is likeminded and understands where we are coming from, it helps us cope with life's challenges and get another point of view!

Get those heavy feelings off your chest, tell stories of your adventures, and tell people your dreams, goals, and desires so they can manifest quicker.

Connections Worldwide

In today’s world, with so much being online, we can travel the world and have friends in every country. This makes it so that we are never truly alone or lonely, and we can experience love in every area of the world. This is the underrated  beautiful part about the technology in our world today.

Imagine being able to go to some far away land and already know somebody there that is willing to at least tell you all the cool spots to go to, and at most spend some time with you, connecting with you about who you are and all of your amazing gifts while showing you all of the coolest spots in the neighboring city!

It's incredible that this is even possible, yet so many people are not taking advantage of it!

Feeling Heard 

It’s so important to feel like our needs are being met as humans and part of that is being heard when we speak. So often our family or friends sees a change in us, and doesn’t like it, even if it's good!

Everybody is walking around caring about what they want, and what they are experiencing in their life, and not enough people take the time to listen and care about us. That is unless you have a friend who is likeminded and understands you and your life.

When someone has gone through similar struggles or sees where you are coming from, they have more empathy for you and are more likely to hear you when you speak, and connect with you on a deeper level. 

This, and all of the points in this post is why coaching is so valuable and amazing. It's like having a super friend that also pushes you to become to best possible version of yourself! 

Becoming Even Better

Self growth can only go so far by yourself…

With likeminded friends who can reflect back what they see in you can build you up faster than anything else that you’ve ever experienced. It is more valuable than books, courses, or any material objects in your life.

Having likeminded coaches or friends can help you create an entirely new and better world for yourself.

We have experienced this in the many friends that we have been making in recent months, and that's what inspired us to create this post.

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