019: How To Stay On Track With Healthy Plant Based Living

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How To Stay On Track With Healthy Plant Based Living

Clarify Why 

When we are crystal clear on why we made the switch in the first place, or why we are trying to get healthy, it becomes much easier to stay the course. 

Writing exercise: brain storm all the reasons why you would want to continue to be healthy, there is probably more than one. Now brainstorm why you went vegan in the first place and try to distill it down to 1 main reason.

Clarifying why is such an important step, not just for plant based living, but also for every other area of our life.

When we set clear intentions and get crystal clear on our reasons for doing things, we can truly live on purpose and stay focused on the things that truly matter.

Stack Your Reasons

I've found that most people go plant based for one main reason. It is usually their health, or the animals from my experience. 

If you start there, and start to stack more reasons on top of it, it becomes much less likely that you will ever quit. 

For example, I switched for my health but once I brought other animals and the environment into the picture, I am guaranteed to stay the course.

There is no turning back once you connect your success to the success of the bigger picture. Once I understood how my actions could affect other beings lives and the environment, the game was over. I no longer had to consciously think about my efforts.

Watch, Read, Listen

Surrounding yourself with messages that inform and teach about WHY we are plant based can help us stay on track and move forward with confidence. 

Watch a documentary like What The Health or Cowspiracy, read a book like "Whole Foods Diet" or "How Not To Die" and finally, listen to our podcast, new episodes weekly to inspire you to stay on track! :) 

Personally, I like to watch the clips of the real heroes: the vegan advocates that hit the streets and work 1 on 1 with individuals or to try to change their mind.

Those people inspire me. One example is Earthling Ed. Look him up on YouTube and watch him transform the lives of random strangers on the street! What a hero.

Get Help

If you still struggle with staying on track with your health goals, try getting a coach! Things like online courses and coaches can keep us accountable and on track for our goals. 

A coach could be the most powerful thing that you ever introduce into your life and they are a catalyst for change and living a more exceptional life! Our coaching program is coming soon.

Of course this doesn't just go for nutrition or plant based living either.

A coach recently helped me connect more with my higher power and understanding myself as a spiritual being.

From spirituality, to family, to business, to relationships, and beyond a coach can literally help you transform your life. Disclaimer: you have to find a coach that knows what they're doing. 

Today, everyone and their mother is a life coach, so be careful!

Meal Plans

You may want to setup strict meal plans that are created personally for you. This will allow you to stay on track because the track is laid down in front of you for you to see ahead into the future. 

It is hard to cross a river if we do not see the stones we step on, but when you are shown exactly what to eat and where to go, it becomes much easier to follow.

Meal plans are an easy way to do this, and some people like extremely strict meal plans that tell them exactly what to do, on what day, and at what time.

The more often you fall off the wagon, the more strict you may want to be with your plans. This will ensure that you know exactly what you are supposed to do at all times.

Every hero has a journey. Every journey needs a map...or a plan...you get the point.

Likeminded Group

Join a group of people who are talking and thinking about the same struggles and overcoming the same challenges as you. 

This could be the most important part of the entire process. 

Groups are so informative and amazing that I believe they are highly under rated. This goes for Facebook groups, meetup groups, community organizations, and everything in between.

Whether you want help with your finances, your marriage, or your diet, there is a group of people who are thinking and talking about the very same things that you are struggling with.

The cool part? Some people in the group have already mastered those struggles. Others are just starting down the path. And you can fall anywhere on the line and still get amazing value out of a group of likeminded people.

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You could possibly find a way to link together all of these by joining a group coaching atmosphere like our Facebook group "Enlightened Nutrition for Plant Based Living."

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