021: How To Stay Consistent With Working Out

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Find Something You Like

In order to stay consistent with your workouts and continue going back often, we need to find something that we like doing.

 It doesn’t need to be the drudge of going to the gym day in and day out doing cardio. Examples: bike riding, swimming, trampolines, and surfing

For example, in my life snowboarding and skiing were always huge for me and can be great exercise! Sports are also obviously a great choice as well.

Moving our body can and should be fun if we want to stsay consistent and going back over and over again. 

Level up!

It’s important to find an exercise that has levels to it. This will keep you coming back for more as you see yourself progress. 

One example I love to do is calisthenics. The moves are so hard and there’s such a huge range of things to do, that I will always be challenged to do the next thing. Another example would be yoga. The endless poses keeps you engaged and looking for more.

Levels will keep you coming back. This includes easier levels as well. In calisthenics there are different moves that are easier than the normal ones, so that a beginner can start, learn, and work their way up to the normal moves.

These different levels make it so that anyone can start and keep going with an exercise routine!

Take or Make Friends

Bringing your friends or making friends that also want to experience the same fun, energy-filled exercise as you can help you continue down the path. 

They will hold you accountable for showing up, and studies have shown that when other people are depending on us, we show up and perform at higher levels.

Mandy has an experience with this one. She was nervous to go to yoga class by herself. She invited a friend, and the rest is history. They go together instead of alone, they have fun, and they have a reason to hang out and spend time together.

If you can’t convince any friends to go with you, you could try to make friends when you get there. That way there will always be friends at your work out spot, and you will keep going back!

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Relax Regularly

Don’t forget to take days off from exercising. If you do fall in love with a certain work out, it will be easy to do it every single day. The only problem is, that gives your body no time to rebuild and nurture itself.

I’ve found that rebuilding is even more important than the exercise itself, so relaxation and meditation are paramount to reduce stress and keep our bodies healthy!

For example, recently I stopped going to the gym 5 days in a row like I used to. Instead I go for 2 days, rest for 1 then 2 more days, then rest for 2 on the weekends. The difference has been outstanding! 

I have more energy when I do go, my muscles heal easier, and I continue to go back because there is a rest day coming soon.

Rest is not the enemy of working out, it is the enhancer. Get your rest to increase your results! 

Meditiation is one way to get your rest every single day as a practice.

Master Your Craft

The best way to master something is to teach other people. Once you are loving your work outs, enjoying your time doing them, and hanging with other people, it’s time to level up to a new level where you are teaching others what you know! Share your knowledge. This will push you to the highest level. 

They say you don’t actually know something unless you can teach it to someone else.

I am a huge fan of this saying and this way of life as I push myself to teach, share, and grow myself and I know what type of impact it can have on your life. 

Try your best to share what you learn so that others can benefit from it and possibly transform their lives! This is a powerful and underrated technique for growing to our full potential!

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