023: How To Manifest Your Dream Body

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How to Manifest Your Dream Body

Many of us today, want to change the way our body looks. We want to lose weight, have muscles, and look healthy and vibrant. 

Some of might say we even want to look sexy! (gasp)

We want to create our dream body, and it might even drive a lot of decisions we make about what to eat, how to act, what to do at night, and how we start our day.

In this episode, we are talking about how to actually do that: How to manifest your dream body from scratch. So let's talk about it!

Where thought goes, energy flows.

It's important that you have goals, and understand where it is you want to go, and then put your focus and your thoughts on it. 

The law of attraction states that what we focus on, expands. 

If we focus on losing weight, and living a healthier lifestyle, the people, food, and resources start to become more available to us, and we notice the vast amount of opportunities around us. 

For example, if you’ve ever had a baby before, you know that as soon as you know that you and your significant other are having the baby, you start to see babies everywhere. There are pregnant people all over the place, and babies in every resstaurant and cafe. 

Are there really more babies, or are you just noticing them for the first time, now that you are faced with a life that must include a child.

Your awareness expands as you focus on the great things that you do want in your life. You start to notice more of who, where, and how it is available to you.

Life starts becoming much easier when this becomes the case. There is security in being able to live in your truth and focus on the good things that are around you at the same time as also thinking of the good things to come.

Focus your thoughts on what you want, not what you don't want.


Mindset Matters.

Most people focus mostly on the mechanics of creating their dream body. 

We all know that we need to eat healthy and exercise and 95% of our thoughts and actions focus solely on this. 

Well, we are here to tell you that the mechanics only make up about 20% of your success. Are they important? yes. But even more important is the ability to create habits, maintain willpower, and access motivation so that you can continue to show up and take the steps that truly matter.

Mindset makes up the most important 80% of the puzzle for creating your dream body.

Accountability & Support

As with any life transformation, and every hero’s journey, the quickest and best route to success is one filled with great people who will guide you along the way.

A good coach can literally transform your world, giving you access to tools, insights, and techniques as well as an objective view into your own life. Not only that, but a coach can give you an extra layer of accountability to stay on track for success. 

A coach can see what you cannot by using outside perspective, empathy, and motivation.

The power that a coach can bring into your life goes unmatched.

The Bigger Picture Focus

While many of us are mostly concerned with our own little world, our body, our family, and the people that we interact with day to day, we are missing a key layer of life.

Our worldly existence becomes more vast and powerful when we start to focus on spreading compassion and life force to everyone else around us.

This takes practice and intention, but can transform the world around us and give us a magnetic force that will transform our body and everything else in our life.

Looking at the world as the big picture that you are free to play a part in, is a transformative and life altering experience.

Connecting yourself to the roots of YOU is what will awaken the possibility to dive deep with Big Picture thinking.

This is one of many powerful techniques we use in our world class coaching program!

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