024: The Secret Powers Of The Root Chakra

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All About The Root Chakra

A few weeks ago we talked all about the Chakras!

If you didn’t listen to that episode yet, click here to check it out!

This time, we will be focusing on one Chakra in particular, and what better way than to start from the bottom and work your way up?

The Root Chakra is the red one at the base of the spine, associated with violence, survival, safety, and the Earth.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to access this Chakra, why it’s important, and everything in between! Let’s do this.

Physical Location

The Muladhara or Root Chakra is the color red and it's at the base of the spine.

It's connected with our feet, legs, butt, and seat of the spine.

It is also connected with our Adrenal gland that governs the fight or flight response when we are in danger.

The fight or flight response is exactly what it sounds like. Either we stand our ground and fight, or we run away like chickens.

Our Adrenal glands help us by pumping us with cortisol and adrenaline to ensure that we can run fast, fight hard, and evade predators (and not die trying).

Survival Instincts

The Root Chakra is associated with survival instincts, support, and safety.

It serves as the basis for remaining alive and well in the physical world.

It controls energy associated with fighting for what's yours, running away from danger, and doing what it takes to survive. 

If you’ve ever seen the show “Naked and Afraid” then you know all about the survival instincts associated with the Root Chakra!

You cannot be more connected with the Earth, and fighting for survival than being completely butt naked out in the wilderness, am I right?

I probably just changed the way you’ll think about that show forever.


Human Needs

The Root Chakra is also associated with having all of our basic human needs met.

Today, that usually means having a roof over our head, food in our refrigerator as well as money in the bank.

Having a strong financial safety net can strengthen the Root Chakra, as it is associated with security and comfort.

Of course money is not all that matters and we also need a dependable partner, a fulfilling job, and some good old fashioned spontaneous fun once in a while!

We each also have our own individual needs that are separate from each other and the big picture.

If you love knitting sweaters, and you can’t live without your needles and thread, then I’m talking to you.

Comfortable Life

Sometimes the Root Chakra can be associated with being comfortable in a normally uncomfortable situation.

It's connection with security, a strong foundation, and safety can make us feel safe in dangerous situations.

The grounding force of the Root chakra makes us feel present, available, and ready for whatever is directly in front of us.

At some level, one of our basic human needs is a comfortable life. We all want to have some sort of comfort and safety in our life so we can draw from the foundational essence that it gives us.

For example, someone who starts a brand new business, might be sure to have a steady regular job as well. This way they have the safety of a regular job with the excitement, fun, and risk of being an entrepreneur.


The Root Chakra is heavily associated with being grounded and connected to the Earth.

If you would like to access the Root Chakra more, get in nature and soak in the oxygen from trees.

Take your shoes off and ground yourself with the Earthly ground. Connect with Gaia.

If that sounds like an embarrassingly hippy thing to do, then going for a walk on the nearby path will suffice.

You don’t have to go hug a tree in order to connect to nature. Simply sitting in a garden can make you feel more grounded, present, and available to the Earth.

Sometimes I like to think about how big and crazy the Earth is. It’s easy to do in a big forest with tall trees all around us.

Suddenly, our problems shrink away to nothing as we realize that we are mere tiny mortals in a living breathing unit of the entire universe.

Creating Habits

The Root Chakra is heavily associated with base habits. These habits that keep you alive and well are important to build so that you have a strong foundation to build from.

For example, healthy eating and exercising are extremely important habits to form in order to live a long and healthy life. From there we have a strong foundation for other areas of our life.

We are supported on the journey to become better.

Long before I ever had my dream body or felt like a healthy individual, I knew that it was a foundational thing that needed to be in place in order to have everything else I wanted.

I knew that if my body was working correctly it could lead me to more happiness, relationships, money, opportunities, and more LIFE in my life.

This is a huge part of The Root Chakra, and creating healthy habits is so important for every area of your life, that you can’t ignore it, or it could lead to death.

If you need to work on creating habits, accessing your root chakra, and getting your life aligned, we’ve got something for you!

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