025: How To Have A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

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How To Have A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

People often ask us, if you're vegan, how are you going to do Thanksgiving? 

Easily. We will eat a bunch of delicious vegan food! 

But where do we get it? What are all the options for cooking? How do we deal with family asking questions for new vegans? Let's talk about it.

Buy It or Make It

The first decision to make is will you buy your Thanksgiving dinner or make it?

We used to make ours and try to share the kitchen with family while bumping into each other and getting frustrated.

Another big concern for vegans on Thanksgiving, is cross contamination can run rampant when we meet up with our non-vegan family members.

Now, it's been a tradition for us for the past 4 years that we always BUY our Vegan Thanksgiving from a restaurant.

This gives us a break from cooking, and it becomes a super relaxing day with friends and family. We would recommend this option to anyone!

Options For Cooking

There are many options for cooking a vegan Thanksgiving meal.

All side dishes that involve vegetables can easily be made vegan.

As far as the turkey goes, Tofurky makes an amazing holiday roast that is stuffed with delicious veggies. Field Roast has several options for holiday flavored vegan turkeys. Gardein has a holiday roast as well. Some places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes are starting to make meatless holiday roasts as well!

There are a lot of cruelty free options available for an entire vegan meal!


Dealing With Family

Your family might ask a ton of questions about your vegan lifestyle, especially if you are a new vegan.

The key is to try your best not to take it personally.

Many people are still just blind to this lifestyle.

They do not understand that we can get protein from veggies and not meat. Instead of getting angry, try to use your compassion and see that they just don't know yet.

You can kindly suggest that they research more on their own, or you can dive deep with them if you know your stuff.

Remember, try to keep the peace during the holidays, and instead of arguing back, simply walk away and allow them to sit with their own arguments and research it themselves.

Share Your Food

One of the most important things we can do to spread the vegan message and get more people to change is to simply share our food.

The more people that see that vegan eating actually tastes good and we are not just eating grass, the more people will see that it's possible to make the switch.

That's why we highly recommend sharing at least one vegan dish with the entire family.

Turkeys Don't Deserve This

About 46 million turkeys are killed each year for Thanksgiving alone.

Let's remember this and maybe even say something about it when it's time to say what we are thankful for.

Be thankful that you are not a turkey, that your body is not exploited for the taste buds of another species.

Be thankful that you can survive off just plants, and not need to harm any other beings that deserve compassion and life. 

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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Ryan Kearns