029: Conquering The Real Challenges Of Creating Your Dream Body

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 Conquering The Real Challenges Of Creating Your Dream Body

Creating your dream body is a process that has roadblocks along the way.

We want to help you with those challenges, but we also want to challenge you to do the work involved.

That's why we created our Dream body Challenge. 

Dream Body Challenge is a 5 day course with actual work that you will need to do that will lead you to your dream body over time.

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The good news is that if you know what these challenges are, you can prepare for them, and navigate your way through the difficult times that will lead you to the life of your dreams and the body that will make your neighbors jealous.

Now, I've personally done this myself when I lost 60 pounds and cut down to 7% body fat, and I've helped dozens of clients do the same in their lives.

Today, we're talking about the focal points of these challenges, going over some first hand stories, and explaining how you can get through the difficult task of creating your dream body with some focus, effort, and sometimes a small shift in perspective.


Now some people think that exercise is more important than nutrition when it comes to weight loss. Those people are dead wrong.

dietary choices is the number 1 determinant of premature death.

Nutrition is one of the most important things we can focus on for our Dream Body. 

If you know anything about how the food industry works, you'll know that they purposely make it as confusing as possible. They've spent billions of dollars on making sure it REMAINS as confusing as possible. I covered this in episode 020. Check it out at plantbasedhero.co/blog/020

The media glorifies different diets, looks for the lose weight fast pill, and pushes forward with the next big study that shows that bacon is good for us.

This makes it even MORE confusing.

Now people are running around talking about Keto, Low Carb, High Carb, and Vegan diets just to name a few.

When I first started getting healthy, over 10 years ago, I was severely overweight. I was made fun of as a teenager and child. I was picked last for gym class. I was the fat kid on my soccer team. I was the fat kid in school. It's how everyone knew me as. Then I made the decision to fix it.

That basically meant I was reading blogs and try to learn what was healthy.

I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed and tired of seeing all the contradicting information.

To illustrate how delusional I was about health, I used to eat chili almost every day. I remember reading the types of chili in the supermarket. The dirty white tile floor stretched down the aisle. The red and yellow cans of chili one of each kind were in my hand. and saying ok beef chili has 20 grams of protein. But Turkey chili has 30 grams of protein! I choose Turkey, putting it in my cart and carrying on about my day.

Slowly but surely I was learning the new information about healthy diets and what to eat. Luckily their are some doctors, athletes, and Nutritionists who were creating great content that I could read, watch, or listen to that explained the ins and outs of eating healthy.

Over time my diet completely changed. First I started getting ALL organic food. Now this was super expensive and it sucked really bad once I started having kids to afford all the organic food, but my health was more important than money to me so it didn't really matter at the time.

At that time, I was eating some fruits and vegetables, some organic meats, some organic cheeses, and some bread. Basically anything, but it had to be organic. 

I continued to watch and read all the amazing content, and something kept coming up and it was the idea of a plant based diet. But I kept on pushing it away. I kept saying that there's no way that a plant based diet was for me. Where would I get protein? I was so conditioned by society and my family growing up that I would never consider eating fully plant based.

One day, I went outside to walk my dog. Suddenly, my vision narrowed like a tunnel closing in. The trees around me were wobbling. My body started plummeting toward the ground. I was half-standing  over the white decorative rocks in my backyard when I caught myself on a tree with my forearm and leaned there until I could see normally again. I was experiencing extreme Vertigo.

After I got rushed to the ER, I found out The reason I was experiencing such crazy symptoms was my heart rate was down to 30 BPM. I had Lyme Disease, and it was attacking my heart. If I didn't fix this problem, I could die.

On one hand, I was terrified I would die. On the other hand, I was completely heart broken that I wouldn't be there to raise my children if I did die.

So I knew I had to do whatever I had to do to heal myself.

I knew that one of those things, among many, was that I had to eat a fully plant based diet.

The body knows how to heal itself, as long as it has the right fuel. So I dove into a plant based diet as well as a list of other things I won't get into.

It's been 3 years since then, and I haven't had any symptoms of lyme disease at all, and I eat a completely plant based diet ever since.

I can't help but to think, if I only listened to my trusted sources of information in the first place, where would I be today?

Now, the point is not that you can heal a disease. You're probably saying, yeah big deal I don't have Lyme Disease so how does this information help me?

Well I can say with confidence that according to the science, a mostly whole foods, plant based diet is the healthiest way to eat known to mankind.

They've done tons of studies now on the leading killers in the US. Heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Those that eat more whole plant foods have a far lower risk of getting any of those deadly diseases.

They've also studied the longest living civilizations on Earth known as the "Blue Zones". They all ate similar diets, 90% plant foods and 10% meat or cheese is the one that rose to the top every time. 

So now you know that a plant based diet is the healthiest for living a long time, but you might be wondering well what about weight loss?

**Check out this Picture of my Transformation**

It's crazy what has happened to my body since I started eating a plant based diet. My weight has been much much easier to control. I am able to cut weight down to 7% body fat, which is not easy but on a plant based diet, it's easier.

I've also been able to put on 15 pounds of muscle using a plant based diet, in a relatively quick amount of time.

The idea that we need meat and cheese for protein is ludicrous.  

I've also helped dozens of people switch to a plant based diet to lose weight and they told me it was the easiest weight they have ever lost.

Weight loss becomes  much easier when you are eating mostly plants. I've seen it over and over again in myself and others.

So what do you do with this information? Do you have to go out and become a vegan tomorrow?

No, you don't have to. Vegans have other reasons for eating the way they do.

However, if you want a healthy body that looks the way you want it to look and stays alive much longer, you should start focusing on eating more whole plant foods, and less meat and dairy. 


(I used to hate exercise and now I learned to fall in love with the process.)

As part of anybody's experience with losing weight, exercise is important for a number of reasons.

It doesn't just help us burn extra body fat, it helps our brain function better, and our body release tension and stress.

Exercise can give us an outlet for the built up pressure in our lives that could otherwise lead to destructive behavior like binge eating or other addictions.

When I was a fat teenager, first starting out, it was so hard.

I would push myself to work out every single day and I hated it.

I would look at myself in the mirror after every workout with my shirt off and feel like I wasn't making any progress.

Then, I would usually end up feeling bad about myself which would subconsciously lead to binge eating, and less exercise. I would go a full week without any exercise before realizing that I needed to get back on the train, and then I would start again only for the same process to unfold.

I call this the wheel of certain failure.

One day, I joined my friend, at the nearby gym on a "guest pass". This friend worked out often and loved bench pressing heavy weights and working out.

He taught me something amazing. It wasn't any special form or technique and it wasn't the ability to not give up.

He taught me that working out could be fun.

We laughed and joked as we took turns bench pressing as much weight as we possibly could.

We pushed our bodies to a limit that I previously thought was impossible.

I ended up being sore for days, but I found myself happy and content with that soreness as if I had finally accomplished something. I went with my friend again. and again, and again.

That year when I was 17 years old, I asked my parents for a bench and weights for Christmas.

They got me that bench and those weights and I started working out every single day, and I enjoyed the process.

I didn't look in the mirror after every set. I didn't care if I was looking better or having any immediate progress.

I committed myself to the long term journey of healthy living and exercise.

As you can imagine this love for health just grew and grew as I got older.

When I was 20 years old I started getting very interested in calisthenics workouts, pull ups, push ups, dips, and squats. I started learning how to control my body and use it to do amazing things that I previously only dreamed of and saw other people doing.

I fell in love with that process and that became my new exercise addiction.

Instead of looking for results, I was looking for growth.

Instead of checking for immediate gain, I was in love with the process, and I've stayed in love with that process ever since.

Exercising is not some mindless thing that you do while hating it and just use it as a tool to lose weight.

Exercise can be highly enjoyable if you choose something you actually like.

Falling in love with the process is the the key to making exercise something that you can do daily, and look forward to it!


Now, I know we talked about Nutrition and exercise, which are obviously 2 key areas for creating your dream body. 

However, these 2 things are not the most important things. They are simply the mechanics of creating your dream body.

Now, the mechanics are important, we need them in order to be successful, but more important is the foundation that they rest on.

Anybody can follow a meal plan or do the exercise routine, but what happens when it gets hard? What happens when you don't want to do it anymore? How do you build discipline, habits, emotional stability, and a strong mind?

When I first started my health journey, I was addicted to nutrition and exercise. I was now in love with the process of eating healthy and working out. I did it every day. I always wanted to do it more.

But then I would get sick, or it would be a bad day, or I would feel too tired, and I would take a day off. 

That day off would lead to 2 days off, 3 days off, a week off, 2 weeks off. They snowballed into a much bigger deal than originally intended. I was no longer sic or feeling weak, but I was still not exercising, and eating whatever I wanted.

My emotions would control the show. If I was bored, or sad, or angry, I would eat lots of food, subconsciously fixing the problem that was happening within my own mind. I would watch lots of TV or play video games or go on social media and eat lots of food to give my brain the dopamine or serotonin that it wanted to ride out the rest of the day.

That's when I met someone named Matt. Matt was a health coach and personal trainer and he started working with the business that I worked in. He was coaching us to be team leaders and grow as a business and as individuals.

He was one of the most important people in my life, and I consider him to be my personal health coach. 

He said Ryan, if a soccer player practices all the time and gets really good at kicking a ball, passing, and shooting, but they don't ever take the time to learn strategy, mindset, and what to do in the game, will they be successful?

Being that I payed soccer growing up, I knew that the answer was no of course not. There is an entire mindset and strategy needed to know where to be at the right time and what to do next that you need in order to be a great soccer player. 

He said exactly. The same goes for nutrition and exercise. You have all the tools you need, but if you can't get yourself to use the tools, they don't matter. You need to cultivate the right mindset, explore and understand yourself from the inside out, and build habits in your life so that you stay on the right path.

This hit me like a ton of bricks.

At the time I didn't even know where to start. How do I understand myself better? How do I get inside my mind? How do I create new habits? How do I control my emotions?

The wheels were turning, but I didn't know how to start.

Luckily, Matt did. He recommended a few books, and he actually coached my himself to help me figure out more about myself and grow as a person.

Once I started understanding myself as a person, I could control my emotions, build habits, create new thought patterns and beliefs and replace the old conditioning that was completely sabotaging my efforts.

Today, I have coached dozens of others on the same methods I used. I've also gone on to become certified in multiple areas of the human psyche including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I've become completely obsessed with people and how they work.

So now you know how important mindset is. If you were to graph a pie chart of nutrition and exercise vs mindset in terms of how important they are to your success, my honest belief is that mindset makes 80% of your success whereas nutrition and exercise are important mechanics but only make up 20% of your success.

Your mindset is the single most important thing you can focus on in order to change your life.

**Challenge**What are some good habits that you have? What are some bad habits that you have? What are some thoughts that you experience on a regular basis? What are some emotions that you experience?


The body is a complex thing. There are so many different systems and parts, many of which are still relatively unknown for the most part.

One amazing part of the body is the endocrine system.

The endocrine system is the system of ductless glands in our body that release hormones directly into the bloodstream.

This fascinating system can control our mood, emotions, and our overall state of being on multiple levels. They help us survive and cope with our physical reality.

One way of organizing and understanding this information is with the system that originated in India known as the Chakra system. Maybe you've heard of it before.

I used to think the body was a machine. I thought you put food in, you get energy out. You exercise to burn that energy, and if you don't you build fat from too much energy that hasn't been burned. The end.

If it were that simple, I think we would all already have the most amazing dream body. But the body is not a simple machine.

There are trillions and trillions of tiny organisms living inside of our bodies that make us what we are.

When I started learning more about human biology, I could see that it wasn't as simple as what I thought.

That's when I learned about the endocrine system and the role it plays in fat storage, hormones, and our entire life as we know it!

Have you ever stopped to think about why emotions make you feel the way that you do? Why is it when you feel nervous or anxious there are actual symptoms? Your palms get sweaty, you get hot, your mouth gets dry, and maybe some other symptoms as well. 

These things happen because of hormones. Hormones are chemical substances in our body that enter the blood stream and cause specific cells to do specific jobs in our body.

Why does this matter? Well when I first started learning about this, it was directly connected to my weight loss journey.

See, hormones are one of the main reasons the body stores fat. There is a hormone for fat storage as well as fat burning. I finally learned the key! The secret I needed all along. It comes with balancing hormones.

Once I started paying more attention to the entire body that I live in, via the hormones that my body secretes during different emotional states, habits, and lifestyle choices, it all started to come together.  

We must focus on balancing our hormones in order to lose the weight and create the body of our dreams.

Now, back to the amazing system that makes it simple to understand.  I used to think the Chakra system was some hippie woo-woo crap.

Lately, I've been on somewhat of a spiritual journey. I am continually searching for lasting happiness that comes from within, instead of trying to solve all my problems on the outside by getting more money, or more things, or more happiness.

During this spiritual journey I kept stumbling across the Chakra's. Though I had ignored them many times before, I started reading about them and studying a bit. Then I figured out why they matter, and how they've been around for thousands of years.

It turns out that each Chakra represents an endocrine organ in the body. 

The endocrine organ is what releases hormones directly into the blood stream.

It's all starting to make sense! 

Each Chakra has a detailed description of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and states that we can aim to achieve that will balance the hormones for that particular endocrine system. 

Once I started learning about this, and focusing on it in my own life, my results started skyrocketing. Not only did I find it easy to lose weight and keep it off, I started noticing that I was happier, healthier, more focused, and more energized in every area of my life. 

So now you know, that hormones directly control our fat storage and burning abilities as well as almost every other aspect of how we feel on a second to second, and day to day basis. The Chakra's are a simpler way to understand the body and our hormones! They are the key to a balanced and healthy life.

I hope you're starting to see how all of this is connected...

Nutrition and Exercise are important mechanics for creating our dream body. 

The mindset is what gets us to use those mechanics in the first place, regularly, and consistently.

Our mindset also involves our emotions, stress levels, and fat burning and storage...

Which happens from hormones.

We can understand our body and our hormones better by using the Chakra system.

All of these elements are important. 

All of them help us create our dream body.


I used to be solely a consumer. I would read, watch, and listen to everyone else having success and I loved it!

Eventually, there came a time where that ended. It was time for me to implement.

If you are not going to implement the things you learn, than what’s the point of learning them in the first place?

This became the principle of action, and it has radically changed my life.

Of course, it’s still good to read a book or learn something new in a course, but I watch and read in chunks, while implementing the steps in between.

If I have not taken action on something new that I have learned, I do not allow myself to learn more. This would put me back into the loop of never ending watching, reading, and listening that I got stuck in before.

Now, it’s your turn to take action.

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Ryan Kearns