033: Motivating Yourself To Take Action When It Matters

In this post, we will talk about what it takes to motivate ourselves to action.

Action is the driving force of everything.

We can learn and learn and read and consume content forever, but if we're not actually taking disciplined action toward our desired outcome, than it's all for nothing.

So how do we take action? How do we motivate ourselves to eat healthy, workout, or do anything that will change our life for the better? Let's talk about it...

3 Questions For Motivation

Do you believe you can do it?

Whatever it is, do you believe that you have the time, knowledge, and skills to make it happen? 

If you do not believe you have one or any of these things, than you will not be able to move yourself forward towards your goal.

Will it work?

If you  believe you can do it, you still have to know if it's worth doing. To know if it's worth doing, you have to know if it will work. Will the methods you are using be the way that will get it to work? Will you get your desired outcome if you stay the course?

Is it worth it?

Now that you believe you can do it and know it will work, the question becomes "Is the work involved going to be worth all the struggle, time, effort, and skills in order to make the change in my life?

Will this actually fix the problems that I am experiencing in my life or is there something deeper going on?

Is is worth all the effort you will have to put forward to reach this specific goal?

Ask yourself these 3 questions. If the answer is no to any of them, you are not motivated enough to make it happen.

Success Seeker, or Failure Avoider?

This next essential question can make the difference on whether or not you stay on the path towards your desired outcomes. Are you working towards success, or trying to stay away from failure?

Working for something feels good. Working to avoid something feels bad.

For example: If you do your job in order to make sure that you can save money for retirement and put your kids through college, that might feel pretty good. If you do your job so that you can avoid being homeless, it feels pretty lousy. I bet just reading this gave you some sort of feelings.

What we focus on, expands.

Focusing on the negative side and what to avoid will cause the negative thoughts, behaviors, and experiences to manifest in our every day life. 

Focusing on the positive side and what we truly desire, it will cause that to expand, and we will experience positive thoughts, behaviors, and experiences in our every day life.

Be a success seeker, not a failure avoider.

The 4 C's of Self Motivation

Competence: Do you know what you're doing?

Consequences: Will doing this yield a positive outcome?

Choice: Are you choosing to do this, or being forced to do it?

Community: Does this help or hurt the people around you?

The 6 Human Needs

This model was made popular by Tony Robbins, and it's nearly impossible to talk about Self Motivation without referring to it. Regardless of what you think of the guy, he knows about how to be motivated. 

These 6 human needs help us understand the wants, needs, fears, and goals in our life.

Some of these are more important than others, and it varies person to person.

For example: I might have a higher need for certainty, i.e. a stable income, a roof over my head, etc. while Jeff might have a higher need for Uncertainty, adventure, and travel.  

We are all different, but we all need these 6 things in some amount...

Significance: We want to feel important, needed, loved, and powerful.

Certainty: We want to know that we can be comfortable, safe, and protected.

Uncertainty: We want the spice of life, adventure, and spontaneity. 

Connection: We want to feel part of the greater whole and connected to other beings around us.

Growth: We want to make forward progress in different areas of our life.

Contribution: We want to give back to the collective in a way that matters for years to come.

Again, each of these categories will vary person to person, but when we look deeply into these 6 human needs and how they relate to us, we can understand ourselves better.

This allows us to know how and why we operate and how to motivate ourselves at a higher level. It's the key to self motivation!

Ryan Kearns