001: Why Going Plant Based Makes You A Hero!


To kick off this journey, and before we start talking about HOW you can actually be a hero, we need to make sure you know why. 

In order to do anything in life, you must have a strong why to stay the course and do the work.

So today we have a few very clear reasons why you should go plant based! 

Vibrant Energy, Powerful Habit Control, Super Healthy Life! Plant based diets are the start to showing the superhero in you!

Your health and body is a great reason to go plant based. There are so many benefits for your body, that it makes you start to feel like a super hero!

The number 1 deficiency in the U.S. is fiber.  Fiber is in plants. When you switch to a plant based diet, that deficiency usually goes away, reducing the chances of colorectal cancer and other deadly diseases.

Our body is a wonderland, filled with billions of tiny cells that have specific jobs and functions. These cells need the proper nutrients in order to perform their jobs.  Going plant based is one way to increase our potential micronutrient availability. 

We all know we need to eat more fruits and veggies because of the powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain.  When you are not eating meat or cheese, there is a much higher chance that you will reach for a whole food like an apple, or a carrot. 

Overall, a plant based diet can increase energy levels, help with constipation, give us all the important vitamins and minerals we need, and give us a vibrant energy that we can carry into every area of life!

As 1 Example, This review study published in NCBI shows that we could cut gas emissions by 70%, and water usage by 50% by changing the typical western diet towards plant based options…

This planet is not only ours. We have to leave it behind for our children and grandchildren.


If you don’t want to go plant based for your body, consider doing it for the planet. 

Factory farming large quantities of big animals like cows and pigs takes a lot of resources. This includes water for all of them. We can cut water usage by 50% by switching to plant based options. 

When cows poop, the methane gas is released and cannot escape the atmosphere. This increases the greenhouse gas effect that our earth has been suffering for decades. As more cows are mass produced for their meat, the more harm it has on our atmosphere and our planet. 

One study found that, by 2050 an increase of 80% in global greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided by moving towards more plant based options, but otherwise, it’s happening.

It’s not only about cow and pig poop though. Deforestation occurs in order to have large plots of land to raise cattle and pigs on. They also cut down forests in order to grow soy because it is used to feed the cows and pigs. By going plant based you are decreasing deforestation.

One more fact about the planet: Factories where animals are slaughtered create a ton of waste and with run-off, ecosystems are harmed and destroyed because of it.

The run-off overwhelms streams, and creates nitrogen shocks to the environment, encouraging disease outbreak and the growth of  destructive algae. 

It’s time to stop ignoring this planet, and acting like we have another one to go to. It’s time for us to be heroes and save this planet. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “but just me cannot help anything, I’m one person.”

Actually, if you eat plant based, in one day you could SAVE:

  • 1100 gallons of water
  • 45 lbs of grain
  • 30 sq ft of Forest
  • 10 lbs of co2
  • and 1 animal

You have the choice every single day. Do it for the planet.


Should a conscious sentient being be slaughtered for the benefit of our taste buds only?
Should cows be split up from their young in order to serve us another animals milk?
Should animals like dogs be housed, fed, and trained  while being treated better than an equal or smarter ancestor the pig?

If better health, or a better planet didn’t convince you, maybe you love animals.  It’s no secret how terrible factory farming and the animal agriculture industry is. But let me remind you…

Chickens are stored inside, barely seeing the light of day, while being pumped with hormones and living on top of other chickens, before they are kicked into a cage, and slaughtered.

Cows are artificially inseminated (raped), their children are forcefully taken from them at birth and they are forced to feed billions of people with their breast milk, while they are attached to a machine all day long. They live for one third the amount of time they should as we drain their milk. When they are no longer useful, we slaughter them for meat anyway. 

Pigs live in harsh conditions in small spaces for their entire life until they are shipped to be slaughtered for their meat.

Dogs are slaughtered in china, in the same way that we treat pigs and cows, yet dog lovers everywhere eat those pigs, and think it’s completely fine…

The moral question is this: Is it okay to slaughter another conscious sentient being for ONLY our tastebuds?


Live with looking at yourself in the mirror, and knowing for a fact that you are trying. It is when we give up, look down, or stand still that we stop growing. Like plants, when a human stops growing, we die from the inside out. 

This is one of my favorite ones. Growth is such a major part of human life. When we stop growing, we stop trying. When we stop trying, we have lost ourselves. The world needs you. Don’t stop trying.

It’s incredibly powerful how eating a plant based diet can make us feel. We look in the mirror, happy and empowered, by knowing that we are doing our very best for our health and the planet. 

I am not going to lie to you, and tell you that going plant based is easy from the beginning. It’s not. It can be hard in the beginning. 

Our clients always have issues in the very beginning of the journey. It’s hard. 

But that’s okay. Because it gets easier, and with the right steps, a mentor, and someone that can give you insights it can be even easier.

You are already accountable to the earth, the planet, the animals, and now yourself. 

If you want to be a better person, do yourself a favor and go plant based.

If you want help, or just an awesome community to belong to, stick around. We’re not going anywhere and we can help.

Start by grabbing your free plant based roadmap…

It will make it easier to take the right steps. It will get you thinking in the right direction.

It will allow you to see around the corner, understand your body, and make the transition easy.

We talked about why it’s worth it to transition. Now it’s time to take the very first step.

Every Hero has a journey. Every journey needs a map. Grab your free plant based roadmap now!



Our Story

There I was dying…

Fainting over hard white decorative rocks in my parents mostly wooded Northern Pennsylvania backyard.

A heart infection had my heart rate down to 30 BPM (60 BPM is considered low)

I was terrified for myself and my family. 

I had to take matters into my own hands. I had to switch to a fully raw plant based diet.

It literally saved my life.

That was the beginning of a long road to being a true Vegan, a Nutritional Consultant, and a healthy and happy family man…


Mandy had a similar transformation that stemmed from our children.

Of course, we’ve both been driven to help our kids live a healthy lifestyle, have energy, and build a beautiful life. 

Living a plant based lifestyle is  a catalyst for healthy and happy children.

Our family is thriving on a plant based diet, and we’ve been called to help you do the same!

Ryan Kearns