026: The Ultimate Woke Healthy Vegan Gift Guide

The holiday spirit is upon us! This holiday season we decided we would share with you some of our favorite items, and explain why.  

If you know anybody like us, who is a healthy vegan who sometimes gets spiritual and loves self improvement, than anything on this list should be perfect for them!

Disclaimer: We make a very small commission on some of the items on this list. You will be supporting the blog by using one of our links. It means a lot to us to be able to continue to serve you and help others go plant based, so thank you! 


Berkey Water Filter

Forget buying tons of water bottles all the time. The health enthusiast needs a water filtration system, so they know they are getting the healthiest, cleanest water. This is an investment that saves tons of time and money down the road. We’ve had ours for 1 year without any additional cost other than what you see here. Compare that to water bottles we would have spent $600 per year just on water!

Vitamix Blender

These blenders are powerful and amazing. You ask what it can do, but a better question is what CAN’T it do? The answer is almost nothing. The smoothies come out super smooth, and it will also blend up and destroy any excuses you have for not drinking smoothies or making that amazing soup that you love.

Simple Tofu Press

If you like tofu, you need a tofu press. Forget trying to stack heavy things like books on top of your tofu just so it’s tender and doesn’t have that moisture. Instead, just put the tofu in a tofu press, and squeeze the juice out until it’s firm. We’ve tried a few different kinds of these, and this one specifically is the best one we’ve had. Highly recommend!

Omega Masticating Juicer

There is a big difference between a cold press juicer like this one and a centrifugal juicer that compares at a slightly lower price. The centrifugal juicer heats up as it juices, and it kills off enzymes and nutrients that we want to stay alive when we are drinking juice. That’s why we highly recommend a slow masticating juicer like this one that does not heat up and keeps the produce cold, keeping all those amazing nutrienets alive and well so they can help your body feel vibrant and energetic! 

Stasher Bags

Need a sandwhich bag or snack bag, but don’t want to kill the planet? Enter stasher bags. They are reusable bags that you can wash and recycle for yourself. We use ours for everything from freezing bananas to packing our daughter’s lunch, and we feel good about not adding more plastic garbage to our Earth that doesn’t decompose. 

Tea Tumbler/Infuser Travel Glass

We should all be drinking more green tea! With more antioxidants than any other food or drink, and the power to kill cancer cells AND burn fat, green tea in particular can be an extremely healthy addition to any diet. There are other healthy teas as well, but if you want to drink them on the go, get this awesome tea tumbler. It allows you to steep your tea cold or hot, and take it out the door on the way to work, or carry it for a walk down the street in the morning. Tea lovers must have this!

Coconut Bowls & Spoon Set

If you know any Instagrammers or food bloggers, they need some really cool plates and bowls for pictures. This is a perfect example right here. Coconut bowls and spoons just look awesome for smoothie bowls, salads, and anything else that a foodie might create! Help your friends create by getting them this.

Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

A cool humidifer is a great way to increase the air quality in your home. This can help with your respiratory system, asthma, or a cough and cold. It can also just help make your house smell great and feel good by adding your favorite essential oils. We put this in our daughters room when she is sick, or in the living room to make the house smell and feel great!


Thug Kitchen cookbook

This book is great for the straight shooters and shit talkers. They tell it how it is with a dash of humor, some sarcasm, and some curse words. Don’t buy it for your 5 year old, but do buy it for your angsty teenager that doesn’t know about a vegan lifestyle. Great book.

help yourself cookbook for kids

Now you can get this one for your 5 year old because they will love it! Our daugher loves this book, the visuals and pictures are great, and so is the recipes that are inside! Lots of fun things for kids to make and eat, and it gets them to eat their fruits and veggies…for real!

How Not To Die by Michael Greger

Now, if you know anyone that likes to geek out over nutrition, or perhaps just live longer, than this is the book for them. Dr. Michael Greger never disappoints with his content and his science based approach to nutrition. Want to turn someone into a vegan? Look no further than this book that tells people all the facts about plant based diets!

Whole: Rethinking the science of nutrition

This book goes hand in hand with “How Not To Die” as it tells us the current state of the science of nutrition and why it is flawed. T. Colin Campbell PhD also mentions his famous “China Study” and frames up all the flaws in the science and nutrition world. Great book!

forks over knives: the cookbook

This cookbook is top notch. Look no further than their instagram page to see that forks over knives knows how to make some really good plant based food! Then buy this cookbook so you know how to make it. Amazing food, great book!

The Success Principles

Principles don’t change. The ones that Jack Canfield writes about in this book have actually changed my life as a young man and helped me understand how the world works, and how I can control my own path. This book is so powerful I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to improve their life, even a little bit. It should be required reading for everyone, and it will be for my children.

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe Book by Kathrin zenkina

Kathrin Zenkina, also known as “Manifestation Babe” is blowing up right now. This book right here is about how to live a rich life in every area of life and even make more money in the process. Great book with a lot of smart insights and great powerful habits to practice. Absolutely life changing for the right person!

Self care

EcoTools cruelty-free dry brush

This dry brush is one of the only cruelty free ones, because many of them actually use boar hair to create the bristels. A dry brush is great for getting rid of dead skin on the body, allowing for smooth, healthy skin and it also improves circulation! Great buy and a great gift!

Garden of Life D3 Vitamin

Most people should be taking a D vitamin if they live in a state that gets cold. The truth is, as a species we do not go outside nearly enough to get healthy amounts of vitamin D from the sun. We always supplement especially in the winter months, so this could be a great gift for the health conscious person in your family!

Garden of Life B12 Vitamin

Vegans especially need to supplement with vitamin B12 because it is not on our fruits and veggies once we wash them. If you know any vegans or plant based eaters, then you will be saving them money by gifting them this necessary purcase.

himalayan Salt Cave session

Salt caves are great for our respiratory system, our skin, and just for relaxing and meditating. If you want to give someone a really cool experience that could actually change their life, send them for a salt cave session! Our lives have actually dramatically changed since we did our first salt cave session!

float tank therapy session

Float tank therapy is the ultimate relaxation. Get rid of the burden of gravity as you float on top of the water in a pod. Close the lid, and it becomes a complete escape from your senses. This allows you to dive deep into the depths of your mind and connect deeply with your own thoughts. This can be powerful and exhilarating as you come out of the session with new ideas, insights, and life changing thoughts or even a brand new invention! Great gift.


This is an age old gift where you can’t go wrong, unless the person hates being touched. Most people agree that a massage is a great relazing experience that they won’t usually spend the money for themselves. That’s wha tmakes the experience such an amazing gift!

reiki alignment

Don’t knock it until you try it! The results will speak for themselves. This gift is not for everyone, but it could be for you. Reiki is where they work with our energy in order to clear blockages, align chakras, and allow us to work with our energy in a new way and afterward, it feels amazing! Give it a try.

gym fitness/yoga class/membership

Gym memberships are great gifts if the person is already going to buy one regardless, because you are saving them money. Yoga classes and other fitness classes are an amazing gift, because people sometimes do not want to spend the money on themselves to get them, but they do want the experience in their life. 

meal plans, exercise plans, nutrition coaching, etc.

Anybody that wants to live the healthiest life that they possibly can, and manifest their dream body should consider working with us. We have meal plans, exercise plans, coaching, and a community to hold your hand. We are certified holistic nutritionists that love all people and want to work with people who really want to change. We have some amazing high value and low price packages that won’t break the bank but will allow you to absolutely transform your life. Click the link below to check out our newest package that we built just for the holidays!

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Ryan Kearns